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Zombies Hate Preppers

  Zombies Hate Preppers

Somehow, I guess by YouTube's endless analysis of things that I've watched and subscribed to and liked... and on and on, it decided to suggest to me that I would like this video. It offered it to me in that "Up Next" column over to the right of the screen, the one with those small images of videos it feels may be just right for you. And so, I discovered a new genre of video, at least one that is new to me. It's name? Well, I think "SHTF Videos" works. After all, many of them have SHTF in their titles. SHTF, by the way, stands for (When the) Shit Hits the Fan! Huh? Well, if you watch a bunch of these you'll understand that what their producers are referring to is the situation we will all face when  "The System" (and that could mean many things) breaks down and fails, when civil order and the rule of law go out the window, and you and your neighbors panic and go into the throws of pure, terror-driven survival mode, committing acts of vandalism, violence, and wanton bad manners.

What will SHTF look like? No one is sure, but think of the Federal Government's sitting on its hands in unwillingness, and the Local New Orleans Government's incapacity to respond adequately to Hurricane Katrina. We got a little taste of it then.  Put that on steroids and throw in a healthy helping of the movies Mad Max, Night of the Living Dead, and the one starring Will Smith titled I Am Legend. And if you like, feel free to stir in a dose or two of The Watts Riots, the aftermath of the Earthquake in Haiti, and the reaction of the citizens of Tokyo to Godzilla's first visit there.

Still, I personally think that there are some sensible points made in some of these SHTF videos. But NO, you won't hear those in the NRA ads that YouTube often chooses to run just before SHTF videos start. As I watch  and try to figure out who SHTF videos are for - who makes them -  and what each party gets out of the deal - it occurs to me that much of this, despite the specific points they make and the very serious, do-or-die mantle they like to wrap themselves in, is really just home grown entertainment. And in the greater scheme of things, I suppose that's alright. It does make me shudder though, to think about...  let's say for the sake of running extreme scenarios in our head for grins -  what a group of North Koreans who finally found a way past their government's ban on citizen access to subversive Internet content, what they would think of this video. Or, suppose our World Wide Web was intercepted by space aliens living on the 5th planet of the 17th star of a distant galaxy and using their advanced technology managed to translate this video, what would they make of it? Might put interplanetary relations back a few millennia.

So, if I follow the logic of these videos (and I have to admit, I've enjoyed watching a bunch of them) when The Shit Hits the Fan (let's focus on a worst case scenario for fun; the biggest pile of it hitting the biggest fan at the highest possible velocity) the police will stop enforcing laws, the fire department will stop putting out fires, and the hospitals will pretty soon stop being able to treat the sick and injured. The water will stop flowing through our pipes and there will be no power to light our houses or our traffic lights. After just a couple of days there will be no food or toiletries or paper goods or soap or medicines to be had from our stores. People, excluding Preppers of course, will resort to foraging the urban wasteland or begging from those who were smart enough to prepare themselves and stockpile stuff. Others will try to steal what they need, including  accomplishing that by invading homes with battering rams and the assault rifles that the NRA made sure were available to them in accordance with the 2nd Amendment. And while they are rummaging and rooting around in your home and stealing your food and candles, they'll rape your women and pets and not clean up after themselves properly. And of course, while all of this is going on, all of our communications systems will cease to function, as well. That, just to put some really foul icing on this sky's falling cake.

That's what SHTF is and because it will actually happen, or it might possibly happen, either today or tomorrow or after the Democrats get back in power, or the Jihadists find their way into the country, or when the American or the global economy finally melts down completely, or as a result of a natural disaster (but of course, not one brought on by Global Warming, which is a Liberal lie) everything will go to hell in a hand basket. And because of all that, we need these SHTF videos to inform us about the coming melt down apocalypse and advise us on how to prepare for it. And there is no dearth of enthusiasts ready to step in and fill this need, GoPro video cameras in hand!

In this particular video, and I admit it's interesting that I put the spotlight on an exemplar here that doesn't have SHTF in its title (but hey, this one grabbed me for some reason) we see a sensible chap ready to share some vital information and perspective. After setting some context by announcing, "Self reliance, rugged individualism, independent thinking; those are the things that made America great...  the things that made America strong. You know, being willing to take a risk. I think we've become somewhat soft and dependent in our society... with our government and all of the people who are dependent on the things that they provide..." He goes on to explain that there are Zombies out there, not the kind you see in the Zombie Apocalypse movies, the Un-dead, "but there are Zombies out there none-the-less, who are alive and well and that are fixed on certain philosophies, certain doctrines that are a detriment to our country. We need to take a stand for freedom, for self reliance, for rugged individualism!"

What follows, is this guy's advice about how stockpiling things is a good idea: precious metals and other commodities against economic failure, an emergency supply of food against shortages and food rationing, for instance. "You got to be part of the solution and not part of the problem!" He assures us, adding "Start to learn how to grow your own food." And sensibly he points out that the price of food continues to go up and storing some things away is a good thing.

He goes on to walk us through how to ensure that there will be water available when you can't depend on the usual source any longer; a swimming pool, perhaps, could be a good alternate source. Firewood: you may need that. And, of course, firearms; you're going to need firearms and plenty of high quality ammunition and magazines with which to feed it into your guns. He shows us his own stockpile of these things, which is impressive. And then he moves on to pointing out that you are going to need flashlights and knives, as well.  First Aid kits? He shows us those and also a sign posted somewhere, one on which, next to the skull and cross bones, reads "There is nothing here that is worth your life." This is intended, I guess, to warm looters and pillagers, those bent on mayhem and murder, who may show up at one's door, that inside is an armed individual who will kill them to defend his home if they don't take the hint and go away. 

The guy in the video concludes by stating that "You know, we really don't know what the future holds. And really right now, no one knows. ... It's just a big thing of uncertainty. If you have some food and water, (if) you have a way to defend yourself at your home, (if) you have some medical supplies, it just makes things a lot easier. It allows you think a little more clearly! And as always: thanks for watching; please subscribe for more fun gun reviews  and sensible survival. God bless America, and long live The Republic."


But... I have to say that I absolutely love the way this guy slips one last thought in before the video closes. With a little smile on his face, one that seems to me to say, "Yeah, I know how this must come off to some of you who watch this (was he talking to me?). Am I crazy? Or crazy like a fox?" By the way, this is a personable  guy who seems to me to be somewhat socially aware and sophisticated, although determined to do what he intends to do, whatever anyone may think. At any rate, he looks right into the camera and says "Hey, man... just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!" Bravo! Nice touch of humor after 9 minutes plus of serious advice on how to handle living and defending your family when society breaks down and the official system of support fails. And you know what? While I probably will not go out to purchase a case of assault rifle ammunition tomorrow, some extra cans of tuna? more candles and matches? a water filter? a solar charger for my SMART phone? As I purchase these later today, I'll think of the guy in this YouTube video.

I'd be remiss if I didn't find for this piece a video WITH "SHTF" in its title, and so after just a few minutes of running "SHTF" through the YouTube search engine, I came up with this gem.

What Kills You First in SHTF?

Here we have a pretty, perky, well spoken, and cheerful video producer and uploader posting under the name Patriot Nurse. She's speaking to us in a video titled "What Kills You First in SHTF?" By the way, this one had already accrued 67, 261 Views and 1,749 Likes when I first watched it. For the record, I found the things she says in this video to be reasonable and informative. And as I was watching it, I thought to myself that ironically, if a good portion of the population were to "prep" for SHTF, it will probably never happen. The general population's engaging in the act of preparation would probably be more of a preventative than any of the things the official channels might engage in. At  any rate, for a bit of perspective on SHTF that may surprise you, I recommend this video. And if you develop a fondness for Patriot Nurse videos, you might like another title I came across: "The Power of Poo - Why YOUR Turds Matter!"

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