Monday, March 14, 2016

Virgin Mary appears

Virgin Mary appears over Ivory Coast

I've been wanting to present a video on a religious theme, but just haven't been able to find the right approach. Certainly, I haven't found not the perfect video. Here's one, though,  that emerged out of many dozens I've looked at. And, I don't know....

Don't know what? Whether or not this is authentic? Whether or not I am convinced? Hell, after looking at this, I don't even know what it is I don't know!

There is something very compelling about this video, though. Clearly,  SOMETHING happened here, something WAY out of the ordinary. Further, what's to be viewed here is not just a "phenomenon" to consider, but a very affecting recording of a very affecting experience that was had by a great many people who were apparently caught up in the religious fervor of an extraordinary moment.

The titles of this video, alone, establish an other-worldly, miraculous atmosphere from its very beginning.  They are so matter of fact that they seem to stare us down and without blinking challenge us to accept at face value the impossible that we are about to see.  

First, we see text that states:

"Apparition of The Virgin Mary Ivory Coast - April 20, 2011 & Halo Lighting March 31, 2011.”  

And already I'm wondering "What is Halo Lighting?"

Next,  we are shown a handful of classical, Renaissance style paintings of The Virgin Mary. And then more text identifying for us what we are about to see:

"Virgin Mary appears over Ivory Coast: A recording that has been collected according to the locals is the appearance of 'Virgin Mary' that was shown on April 20, 2011in the center of the sun with a faint outline, the sighting occurred in the district of  Yopougon in Abidjan - Ivory Coast (Africa). The Sun gave forth its light force out of the ordinary. people excited looked at the sky. many startled cried out of happiness what they believed it was the Virgin Mary. Days earlier. on March 31 was another strange event in the same place where Our Lady appeared. "They are testing some kind of display holographic (Project Blue Beam?). are we to another UFO phenomenon or does will certainly be an apparition of the Virgin? Remember that this country has been ravaged by civil wars. In the other video you can see the strange phenomenon of a halo of purple light that happened days earlier than the apparition of the Virgin Mary."

and then 55 seconds in, the documentary footage begins. Blurry, shaky footage? Of course, but still the mood of people literally freaked out by what they are experiencing in the moment is overwhelmingly authentic. Granted, you had to be there and the poster of this video states up front that the camera can not record what the people are seeing... until, that is, until... Infra Red photography is used... and then we, too, begin to see SOMETHING. The video stops and in 6th grade science report fashion, text and arrows are placed over the image to show us the "head" and the "feet" of something up there in the sky. And then, flickering in and out of existence,  we see a figure that... DAMN, looks very much (kinda, maybe)  like an ephemeral, blurry version of the representation of The Virgin Mary that we saw portrayed in those classical painting a few minutes before at he beginning of the video.
OK, at 3 minutes and 53 seconds in, the screen goes black and we see more text... this time telling us that we are about to see footage of "Halo Lighting March 31, 2011."
What do we see next? Well, it's a shaft of impossibly bright purple light descending from the heavens and touching Earth... that's all!

I guess I have a few questions :) :) :) ...... Like...:

- What the hell have I just seen?

- Who made this video?

- Who posted it?

- Why did he decide that it would be a good idea, or perhaps necessary, to provide a musical sound track?

- (and above all) If this is an actual video of an apparition of The Virgin Mary, then how come it's only been viewed some 688,000 times? You'd think that every human being on Earth would want to see this at least once... no?

Answers? There's only one to be had, for now. Under the video the name of the poster is shown as Mayor Boss and clicking on that you are taken to the information page for his channel which states: (Nigerian Entertainment)  
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Country: Nigeria"
One more thing, in the explanatory caption included directly below the video is the following link " " This takes you to a page with nothing more to offer on these events. Go figure! 


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