Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are Penis Size Videos Interesting?

Greek people prefer small penis

Recently, a buddy sent me links to these 3  videos; all on the same theme, Penis Size and what we humans make of it. A theme worthy of video-on-demand consideration? Well, following those little suggestions for more videos to view on the right side of my screen, I see that, Hell Yeah, a lot of people want to invest a little time looking into this! - or perhaps they just think they do. I say that because very few of these video offerings seem to me to deliver much of anything... other than that, yes, they do talk about Penis Size. At any rate, I have NO intention of reviewing and weighing in on too many of these. Let me just list a bunch of titles for you and then if you decide that you really have an interest in this you can go and run them through the YouTube search engine, pour yourself a nice glass of whatever it is that goes well with watching Penis Size videos and ENJOY!

(List of titles: Porn Stars Weigh In On Penis Size, How Big is the Average Penis, College Girls on "Does Size Matter?", 7 Ways Women React to Your Penis, Black Guys Have the Bigger Penis? - Is It True, Man's Giant Penis is Scaring Women Away!, How to Measure Your Penis... the list goes on, but frankly I'm getting bored with listing these so, assuming you got the idea, I'll stop now...)

It just may be the perverse way I look at life in this world, but frankly, I think that the phenomenon of people creating and posting these videos is more interesting than the theme it addresses. I mean, when it comes to penis size, either the penis being considered is small, medium, or large and either you're happy with whatever size the one you are involved with at the moment is or you're not... BUT, why people have such a charge on this issue, now there's something to ponder.

Of the many small penis video offerings to be found, I think this little group that was sent to me is probably as good as any by which to contemplate the genre. These all feature reporting, yes, the style of discourse here can only be described as video journalism, by the same correspondent. It's interesting to me, that he takes a kind of "let's just jump right into this, shall we? without even giving a nod to the obvious, that we are treading here on ground that is not oft tread in polite circles, that we are mentioning the unmentionable, and that somehow, let's all get our hopes up, shall we?, that we've somehow lucked out and found some low hanging, forbidden fruit... and since God isn't watching at the moment, let's take a big bite and swallow before he comes back into the room!"

The consequence of having a small penis

I love the way our journalist launches us into this inquiry, humble and serious asking his attractive female interviewee "Do you think there's a pressure for guys, nowadays, to, to,..."  (stumbling to get the words out)... you know, to get themselves enlarged?" (whew!). And she responds in the affirmative adding that "Absolutely, women - that's all they talk about!" (nervous laughter)... adding "Usually, they only talk about the ones that are small..." This she follows with a, confessional in tone, chatty little description about a guy she knew and the tragedy his small penis size represented for their relationship... ya da da, ya da da, da. FYI - at 1 minute and 1 second, this is a pretty short video. But wait a minute! I'm talking about length here...

Woman's ideal shape and size of penises

The final video in the sequence is one of those that require a YouTube log in... something-er-other about  assuring that only the right eyes see this video, which I guess "they" fear  would do damage to some and render YouTube liable for it. If, that is, this content were to be viewed by those to whom it must remain forbidden. Just increases our desire to know what's behind the curtain, doesn't it?

In this 3rd, password protected video, our journalist opens in that journalistic style of voice-over narrator asking a question central to what we are about to see... his voice is an earnest, and seriously inquiring one and we hear it speaking to us over footage of 4 attractive young women marching purposely down the hall of some serious institution somewhere (a school perhaps?) establishing context and creating anticipation for what is about to follow... our journalist asks "But what about women? Are they really after those big dicks we see in porn movies?"

And then we see this group of women file into and take seats in what appears to be a classroom of some sort, and our journalist is at the whiteboard addressing his 4 inquiry participants "Hello." He says in a serious tone. And then we hear the voic-over narration explaining as he writes "I've asked the girls to model their ideal penis for me... out of clay." and we see him writing for them on the whiteboard some suggested physical characteristics for them to keep in mind as they produce their clay models, he ticks them off one after another: "girth, length, shape," It's a short list, but importantly he adds "So, if you could just draw from your own experience, and try to find your ideal penis."

What ensues is another 3 minutes, or so, of some rather ordinary, reasonably attractive young women doing, what appears to me to be their best, to comply with the task set before them. Along the way, they engage in some banter about erections and size and on and on and then we see our journalist sitting with the ladies when they've finished and all are admiring their creations asking them that question again "Do you think there's a lot of pressure on men, to... you know... have a penis of that size?" he asks in his earnest interviewer voice, again, referring to one of their sculptures as "Godzilla". And to his surprise, and he makes quite a big deal of it, the response seems to indicate that the pressure originates with men, not women! And then onto discussing whether or not they have sculpted accurately, depicting actual size, or perhaps from impressions that things may have seemed larger than they actually were.


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