Friday, May 13, 2016

Eating Corn on the Cob with a Drill (WARNING: People Doing Crazy Shit Alert!)

People NEED to do crazy shit and some of them need to do it before an audience. That's the simple 'what's so' of it, readers. And it's no surprise that these folks often find their way to YouTube to upload the crazy shit that they do. What makes this so perfect though is that there are lots of folks, too, who simply like to go to YouTube to see the crazy shit that other people do. I know this full well, because... I'm one of them!

Sometimes these videos amount to public sharings of things that simply are goofy experiments. No doubt,  these make perfect sense when conceived and I suppose, when verbalized to buddies. Above, we see a cartoon from the very early days of  Cinema. In it we see Donald and Goofy, and Micky all eating corn in a comically mechanical fashion. Now however, we can all join our favorite cartoon characters in doing impossibly and wonderfully ridiculous stunts like this. What's so cool about YouTube is that we can see real people in the real world being cartoon characters. "Eating corn like in the cartoons" (title of the video, below) is one good example and it is pretty interesting to see people try such things... 

...things like eating corn with a drill? This is very much the sort of idea that would have grabbed the fancy of commercial producers of animated short movie features, who would have scripted Daffy Duck or one of his ilk to try it. It would have made a great 'bit' for a cartoon. And while those classic cartoons predated the development of the electric drill, or at least the ubiquitous access to one that the average idiot now enjoys at stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware, if that been the case back in the day, I think the Disney guys would have thought of this stunt and used it in one of their creations.

The fools below (or are they wannabe actors playing fools on YouTube?) are a duo whose YouTube show is titled Great Mythical Morning. And hipster morons or not, they have garnered 2,785,158 views for this masterpiece, it being posted for only 10 months as of this writing. The fun begins with their announcement that "Today is national Corn on the Cob Day!" What follows is not a pretty sight! By the way, both of these morons do give the stunt, "eating corn on the cob with a drill" the good old college try. The fun part is how much of a mess they make because a drill is truly a poor choice of corn eating implements. They both stick to it, though. In fact, they seem to enjoy the experience... However, after a few minutes we are all satisfied that yes, you can eat corn on the cob with a drill, no it is not a neat way to eat corn on the cob, and no we don't ever need to try or to watch someone else try this ever again! 

Want more? Of course you do! Here's a very short video of a man doing a great job eating corn on the cob with a drill. This guy has attached his cob to the drill far better than do any of the many other videos on YouTube of this particular stunt. There's none of that characteristic wobble and spinning in place that you get from so many who have engineered the attachment of the cob so poorly. But the question remains. though, 'what percentage of the kernels really should end up in one's mouth in order for us to agree that one has actually, truly "eaten" the corn'? Personally, I'm not sure; but I think this guy, even though he's clearly on the edge of that issue, deserves for us to give him the thumbs up!

Yes, I've saved the best (worst? most horrifying? craziest?) for last. I'll simply describe it. A pretty, young Asian woman with a head full of that wonderful, shiny straight black hair that pretty young Asian women often have, tries the stunt. Result? Her long tresses become tangled in the spinning juggernaut of corn cob mounted on drill and pull a major chunk of her beautiful hair out of her scalp. NOT a pretty sight! I hope she'll be OK and that her hair grows back well and that she stops doing crazy shit like this!

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