Friday, January 22, 2016

If the Truth is out there, then what's in us?


If the Truth is out there, then what's in us? Hey, I'm just asking; just thinking out loud. And no one, by the way, was more of an X Files fan than I was back in the day. So when, first cup of coffee of the day in hand, I read in the NY Times online just now that FOX is bringing the show back with an updated series of 6 fresh episodes, I did what seemed to be the only thing to do: go to YouTube to find a trailer of the series and get a feel for it.

Of course, I'm going to watch this show when it airs, there's no question about that, but I wanted to get a kind of advance taste, a feel for what's happening in the lives of some characters and actors I really enjoy and to refresh my hunger for a prospect that truly resonates for so many of us: that there's an important truth 'out there' somewhere that we are just barely aware of, that's been hidden from us, and that if Muldur and Scully can reveal it to us, life will be infinitely better... SOMEHOW. By the way, isn't that kind of the point of all Art, that it's a quest for some un-known solution to some un-named, un-defined, never to be fully satisfied quest? I'm pretty sure it is, and that that need is in us and and as long as it is, we will need Art and appreciate it whenever we stumble across it, even if it's in the form of a popular "The Government has secret Alien Knowledge" and "There are real, bad-ass monsters living side by side with us, although we are too dumb to notice until the bodies show up!" style TV show.

The times review, ‘The X-Files’: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Return to the Paranormal Beat, which actually seems to me to be more of a hybrid homage and fan announcement for the series (I think the writer must be one of my fellow, hard core fans) provides some great back story insights. For instance: "Ms. Anderson, who admits she wasn’t really conscious of the series’s cultural impact while she was working on it, now appreciates Scully in ways she never could before"

All good, but, DAMN, watching this short trailer just catapulted me back into Muldur and Scully's world.  There's that bald headed, be-spectacled supervisor of  theirs, you remember:  the one who was always either threatening to fire Muldur or was saving his appealing ass from being fired. We get a glimpse of The Smoking Man, or at least of his hand holding a partially consumed cigarette, and best of all, there's that haunting, not quite minor - not quite major key, 6 note musical theme, the one that almost makes the hairs stand up... YEAH!

Other glimpses of this version of the X Files saga promise that the show will feature themes of government conspiracy and international terrorism, and contemporary technology like Smart PHONES and unmanned drones flying overheard. But far more importantly, the trailer shows that the timeless heart of the magic hasn't changed.. At one point, with Mulder's arms lovingly draped around her shoulders, Scully looks into his eyes and says with that proper balance of alarm and affection "I have seen this before... you're on fire! Believing that you're on to some truth, that you can save the World!" and Muldur replies "This is my life! This is everything I believe in!" What's not to love about that? It's what we want to believe in, too! It's what's in us!

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