Thursday, January 21, 2016

It really feels like you're in the future when you're riding this thing!

Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter, "Mini-Segway", "Hoverboard" REVIEW 

Nearly 11 million views in 7 months? You know something is resonating here; something's hit a nerve! "It really feels like you're in the future when you're riding this thing!" says the reviewer in this video. And, OK, that's not the most eloquent verbiage imaginable, but he does gives clear, level-headed, practical commentary about something that really ought to be mind blowing.

The truth of the matter is though, that we’ve become very used to the emergence of things that quickly become accepted as common, things that in just the recent past were part of a body of innovations we conjured up as "Maybe someday they'll have..." – things associated with our society’s habits of armchair futuristic prognosticating and fantasizing. And so, even an item like this one becomes just one more YouTube video review, a well-known video genre.  The back-up camera in my Toyota RAV4 comes to mind as an example of something that just 5 or 6 years back would have been the stuff of "Maybe, one of these days.." and that I now take for granted. Hell, I even find it annoying at times :)

Our reviewer demos unpacking the scooter he's purchased on Amazon, learning to ride it, and putting it through all sorts of paces. He even shows some photos of a very young niece trying it out; I suppose to show that one does not need to be an athlete to go all 'Back to the Future' with this thing. He finishes up his video stating "In closing, this self-balancing, 2 wheeled, electric scooter is SO much fun! I had high expectations when purchasing it and it's totally blown them all away. It's so much fun to ride, quick to learn, easy to transport, and pretty affordable for what you're getting." And I won't argue with any of that.

Truth be told, this is a very informative video and I was quickly convinced that this thing is COOL! But will I be getting myself one of these bad boys any time soon? Not likely, but I wouldn't say "No!" absolutely, either. Any day now, I just might have a 'late life crisis' and need to prove to myself (I can't imagine that anyone else would be even marginally convinced) that I've still got "It" (whatever "It" might be.)

Still, I've been hearing about these things, even think I've caught a glimpse or two of a couple of them down near the mall, and viewing this video was my tip of the hat to getting caught up on 'what the kids are into these days.' And actually, I think they get into some pretty good stuff - at least some of the time.  I mean, THIS thing has got to be healthy; good muscular skeletal strength conditioning involved. And its $600 price tag translates to manufacturing jobs in China, shipping and delivery jobs in the U.S., profits for the various companies involved in producing, selling, fulfilling, and delivering it, etc. etc. etc. The thrills had from owning and riding it are mid priced ones and innocent enough. Hey, I'm onboard, at least figuratively. I suppose I'd like to try one out, too, but would hope for an opportunity to do so when no one is looking :) 

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